Chasing the perfect coffee experience? Wondering when the opportunity will arise to give you that delightful moment when the world stops and the coffee aromas penetrate your sense of smell and then your taste buds jump at the flavor? Well, you just don’t need to go all the way to a coffee shop to get that experience that you are chasing.

Not familiar with the Nespresso universe yet? The Nespresso Exclusive Distributor in Maldives, Liquid Private Limited, will immerse you in the ultimate coffee experience.

Discover how Nespresso and its coffee masters have taken the creative inspiration inherent in coffee and turned it back on their daily work: the sheer technical mastery and creative pace at which they have produced, and continue to develop their Grands Crus range, can be awe inspiring.

Today, lovers of the dark elixir can experience Nespresso Grand Cru coffees, each carefully crafted by Nespresso coffee experts to introduce the most delightful aromas and individual personality to take coffee lovers on an indulgent, sensory journey. Each Grand Cru is fashioned to be enjoyed either in espresso (40ml), ristretto (25ml) or lungo (110ml) measure. Certain Grands Crus are well suited to be consumed with milk, taking on entirely different qualities, while others offer short, sharp coffee indulgences.

For anyone who wishes to appreciate an exceptional espresso in total serenity, Nespresso has created even decaffeinated Grands Crus. The Nespresso intensity scale is designed to guide Nespresso Club Members and coffee lovers around the world in expressing what they as an individual enjoy in a Grand Cru, helping them define intensity, to find the right balance between aromas and aromatic families.

To discover the entire Nespresso universe simply contact us.


Professional Line



Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you that, due to a COGS increase from manufacturer/supplier, as well as some other factors associated with it, our prices are being revised for coffee items, coffee machines, and accessories. Rest assured; we have enacted the smallest increase possible while continuing to ensure the standard of the business.

Being the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in the Maldives since April-2009; we can ensure the provision of premium, high-quality and sustainably sourced coffee to our customers.

Given the current situation, we hereby notice that the prices will increase roughly by 4% effective 01st July 2023.

We hope that you will understand our situation and continue to support our products. Always appreciating your business with us.

The Management,
LIQUID Private Limited